Welcome to Sailing Admin

This software is developed for the administration of the sailors and officials of Swiss Sailing. It is partially open to clubs and classes for the administration of the personal data of their members.

If you are a member of a club or class and hold a Swiss Sailing members card, you can modify some of your stored information.

The privacy of the data can be set by the club/classes and or the sailor.

User data in SailingAdmin is strictly confidential. It is not shared or sold to third parties for any reason.

It is only used by your club and by Swiss Sailing for member management, and for regatta registration management, by official software Manage2Sail (according to privacy regulation laws), approved by Swiss Sailing.

A member preferring to keep their data strictly confidential and who doesn't want automatic registrations on Manage2Sail can do so by setting their privacy settings on each of his or her profile fields.

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